My version of Itsu’s amazing ‘green sauce’

Itsu green sauce recipe

I don’t know if you have the Asian-inspired healthy food chain Itsu where you are, but if you do you’ll already know all about their magical green sauce (aka green herb dressing). I am in love with that sauce. For the uninitiated, it’s actually not so much a sauce, more of a salad dressing, but it’s just about the tastiest salad dressing that I’ve ever tasted. Honestly, I would eat twigs if they were slathered in this sauce. It’s herby, limey, zingy, sweet and slightly mysterious tasting too. It’s so popular that my nearest branch has started selling little ‘extra shots’ of it in case the rather sizable pot that comes with your salad isn’t enough (it’s never enough! how could it be enough?!). And if I’m totally honest I often have to restrain myself from bypassing the salad delivery system altogether and eating it straight from the pot.

Unfortunately, my bank statements now read something like this: ITSU ITSU ITSU ITSU and my addiction to green sauce is leaving a sizeable hole in my wallet. But having eaten it about a billion times, this weekend it occurred to me – hey, maybe I could reconstruct this…

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