8 food photography tips (that I ended up learning the hard way)

8 Food Photography Tips

When I started Spoonshine in January this year, I thought that taking the photographs would be the easiest part of it all. I naively thought that it was all about creating lovely food, and that the photos would speak for themselves. But I soon discovered that creating great dishes will only get you halfway there. Which is why I found myself having a little existential crisis a few posts in, when I couldn’t work out why on earth my pictures hadn’t turned out like I’d hoped they would!

It wasn’t because I didn’t know how to operate a camera. In my day job as a TV producer I use stills and video cameras all the time. I know my f-stops from my ISOs and how to manage my depth of field, exposure and focus. But all of that wasn’t enough to help me take beautiful shots of my food.

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