Dark Side of the Spoon: Dark Chocolate & Pistachio Cookies

Dark Chocolate Pistachio Cookies

I love thinking about what I’m going to make for Dark Side of the Spoon – my monthly feature about all things devilishly indulgent, and laced with dark chocolate. I frequently go into whole reveries about the magical qualities of dark chocolate, and the flavours it works so well alongside – from tart raspberries to fragrant lavender and salty but sweet caramel. But it wasn’t until I got a delivery of beautiful nibbed pistachios from my wonderful local Persian deli that an idea began to form itself in my mind. And over time, it grew to become these amazingly moreish Dark Chocolate and Pistachio Cookies.

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Dark Side of the Spoon: Chocolate Chai Spiced Polenta Cake

Chocolate Chai Spice Polenta Cake

As a general rule, I love food that’s full of bright, healthy flavours that make a plate sunny even when it’s grey outdoors. But we can’t be angelic the whole time, can we? Sometimes it’s good to be bad…

That’s why I’m excited to announce the arrival of Dark Side of the Spoon, a new recurring monthly feature on the blog, where I’ll post a devilishly indulgent recipe based on dark chocolate…

This month it’s chocolate chai spiced polenta cake.

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